Since 2017, The Journal of Interrupted Studies is published by Koninklijke Brill in Leiden, Netherlands in the International Law section. To make it accessible to users around the globe free of charge and as part of Brill's Corporate Social Responsibility programm, TJIS is open access (CC-BY-NC).




The Journal's first issue was published in 2016 with the generous financial support of ActNow and the German National Merit Foundation.


Mark Barclay and Paul Ostwald.

Just Let Them Move: Refugee Economic Integration and Conflict Spillover

Mohammad Y. Sarhan

The Gambia as a Collective Common

Alagie Jinkang

Appraisal of the Kaizen Management Model in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mesfin Mulugeta Woldegiorgis

Critical History of the Causes and Effects of the Syrian Civil War

Ahmad Mobayed

Efficacy of Teaching Sentence Stress and Intonation to Upper-Intermediate and Advanced Learners"

Husam Aldeen al-Barazy

Interrupted Sequences of Normality

Amena Abdulrahman

Inaugurating our cooperation with Brill, the first issue of the Journal appeared in Summer 2018. The articles are  individually accessible here.


Mark Barclay and Paul Ostwald

"We Have A Word To Say: Enactment of the 1963 Collective Bargaining, Strike and Lockout Law in Turkey"

Muzaffer Kaya

"Students' Perceptions and Acceptance of LEGO Robots in Syria"

Ghaith Mqawass

"The Image of the Babel Tower in Contemporary Art and a Parallel Disruption of the Statue of Liberty"

  Ayfer Karabiyik

"Partners in Crime: The Anti-intellectual Complicity between the State and the Universities in Turkey"

Asli Vatansever

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