To provide a space for non-academic material that reaches us regularly, we created the Blog "Interruptions". Submissions include poetry, journalistic articles, photography and other forms of expression that bear witness to the human cost of migration. 

The blog aims to publish weekly content and will have a wider mandate than the Journal itself. We are looking for responses to the refugee crisis that are not necessarily academic papers.


If you consider yourself a refugee, migrant or asylum-seeker, work in humanitarian aid, or have something to say about the mass migration of the past few years that you think will contribute positively to the global dialogue on migrants’ rights - and the specific issues that refugee academics face - please consider submitting. 


Entries may be journalistic articles or any other form of media, from fiction to visual responses to poetry. We are looking for considered, original and incisive new angles to redress a mainstream dialogue around refugees and migrants that has become one-sided, reductive and eurocentric.


If you have an idea for the blog, but no finished content, we are open to pitches, and our Blog Editor is available to discuss your idea and help with the editing process. It is very important to us that the JIS blog fulfils the same standard of inclusivity that the Journal itself does, so if your circumstances do not permit you to complete an entry, we will make sure to accommodate this and will facilitate your process in any way we can.



For inquiries on blog submissions, please email blog [at]



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