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The Journal of Interrupted Studies is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that publishes complete and incomplete articles by displaced academics.  


We believe that constructive dialogue should be with, not about migrants. TJIS engages scholars who have been forced to migrate in order to begin such a dialogue. 


Academic publishing increasingly acknowledges the value of incomplete scholarship.  TJIS approaches this issue by using the forum of academic exchange to facilitate dialogue on equal terms.





We uphold these principles by insisting on academic merit over personal history. Every submission receives a blind double peer review and chosen pieces undergo an extended period of revision and response. 


We showcase scholars who in spite of their situations seek to make their voice heard. Some engage with the migrant crisis by opinioning on policy and politics. Others turn their gaze back home and offer academic assessments of the situation that forced them to flee.


Many authors are witness to the tragedy of lost potential - the lost potential of their own research, that of their colleagues and the loss of their society as a whole. Each is an important story to tell that deserves a place in the discussion.



In different ways, these works are documents of some of the significant situations of the moment.  If you are interested in contributing or writing about our work and authors please see contact.

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